Family Matters: Celebrities Whose Kids Probably Hate Them

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Celebrities Whose Kids Hate Them

Don't you want to be good parents for your kids? Well, hate to break it to you but there are a lot of parents out there who suck. And what happens? Their kids grow up to dislike them. These celebrities know what it's like because their kids can't stand them.
1154699-beyonce-matthew-knowles-617-409 Matthew Knowles - He dirty dogged and then even got fired by Beyonce.
Iyanla-and-DMX DMX - They dedicated a whole Fix My Life to him and his son's jacked up relationship.
wendy williams Wendy Williams - She vented that she was upset about the fact her son apparently doesn't like her.
Joe-Jackson-2 Joe Jackson - They made a movie about how much his kids hate him because he's freaking crazy.
Angelina Jolie Jon Voight Jon Voight - Angelina Jolie doesn't hardly acknowledge their relationship. Did you even know he was her dad?
alg-michael-lohan-jpg Michael Lohan - He got into legal issues with Lindsay over money. Which is the worst.
Hasselhoff%20Drunk David Hasselhoff - He got wasted and the only way to help him was for his daughter to post the video to Youtube.
bobby brown bobbi kristina Bobby Brown - Bobbi Kristina doesn't want much of anything to do with him apparently...but they have a really off and on relationship.
eminem Debbie Mathers - Eminem's mom got all of his worst songs and it was horrible. He's backed down a bit, though.

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