Avonte Oquendo’s Family Plans To Hit City Of New York With A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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When news broke that the dismembered remains found in Queens last week belonged to Avonte Oquendo, a great wave of sadness came over quite a few people. After months of seeing posters all around NY train stations, to know this young man didn’t make it made us extraordinarily sad for his family. And as they mourn the death of their child, they also want answers, specifically from the city of New York, and Oquendo’s school, Center Boulevard School in Queens, where he was last seen. Oquendo’s mother, Vanessa Fontaine, just filed court papers today, asking the city to hand over their private internal report on how her son was able to walk out of the Center Boulevard School without anyone noticing…



Wale has made headlines lately not for his musical output, but for brushes with the media and his online antics. Although the D.C. rapper has never been shy about sharing his emotions, Wale opened up even more in a letter he posted to his Tumblr account on Wednesday. Wale’s open letter addressed from the onset his absence from Twitter and social media, writing he was trying to get a “better understanding” of himself and his role in the music business…



First, we’ll give you a few minutes to drool over this handsome model and then once we have your attention back, we’ll share nine stylish items that you must steal from your boyfriend’s closet! We are officially in the thick of winter (or the polar vortex depending on which coast of the country you live on) so what better reason to snuggle up steal from your beau? Let’s face it, men’s clothing is more simple, timeless, and functional. Sometimes we don’t want to be in frills and heels. Plus borrowing from his closet is a sweet reminder of your honey throughout the day. Just make sure to replace the “borrowed” item…


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