Ebony And Ivory: Richard Sherman And Erin Andrews Pose For Cozy Post-Interview Photo

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Richard and Erin

Erin sure doesn’t look scared to us…

A lot has been made of Richard Sherman and his testosterone-driven rant after last Sunday’s NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers. One of the issues raised by the tweeters, pundits, and talking heads was that Sherman’s animated diatribe took place in the face of a white person, a blonde woman at that. One tweeter even apologized on Sherman’s behalf, thinking that Erin feared for her safety while speaking to such an “angry black man”.

Erin tweet 2

Many feel that this imagery led to racist tone of the criticism hurled at the Seahawk baller over this past week.

Erin tweet

Richard and Erin 2

Just hours ago, Erin posted this pic of herself and the aforementioned “thug” smiling after an interview.

Maybe, just maybe, Richard Sherman is a decent human being when he’s not on the field. Imagine that…

Images via Twitter

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