Poor Thang: Singer Lorde Says People Attacked Her For Being In A Swirly Relationship With A Chinese Man

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Lorde said the internet wasn’t feeling her Asian boo thang…

Lorde Attacked For Relationship With Chinese Man

Via LA Times reports:

The songwriter also addressed the media maelstrom that transpired in November when a photo of her in a bikini surfaced showing her with boyfriend, James Lowe, a 24-year-old of Chinese descent.

“When I heard about the photos, I was like, ‘now there will be a bunch of people on the Internet talking about what my ass looks like.’ ” Instead, the haters compared him to the “Chinese exchange student from ’16 Candles’ ” and Chinese leader Mao Tse Tung. The reaction surprised her, given the diverse community she lives in in Auckland.

“You almost wonder about humans,” she said. “That’s why the reaction comes as such a surprise to me. No one I know would even think this was a big deal.”

That’s not to say that she-of-the-dark-lips doesn’t still get starstruck.

“When I meet people whose music I really inspire, and they may be a little bit famous, I still get the little, ‘Holy crap! This person wants to talk to me.’ And I think when you stop having that feeling, and you’re like ‘Oh, of course they do,’ then maybe you’re not who you were anymore,” she said.

“I think what’s so cool about an artist like Drake is it’s rare for people to get to that level and still write about their day-to-day and how that makes them feel. There’s something very unflinching about that, but also just so, so interesting.”


Haters gon’ hate!


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