Really? Justin Bieber’s Advisors Tell Him To Stay Away From Selena Gomez Because She’s A Bad Influence?

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No, it’s Selena who should run as far away as she can from Justin.

Justin Bieber’s Advisors Tell Him To Stay Away From Selena Gomez

This relationship just seems to be getting more and more toxic. Justin needs to get his isht together.

According to Radar Online:

Justin Bieber’s closest confidantes, including manager Scooter Braun, have advised the pop star to steer clear of his on-and-off-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez, because the ex-Disney starlet is a “bad influence,” has exclusively learned.

“There is always so much — ridiculous — drama involving both of them. They fight constantly and Selena loves to keep Justin hanging. He always acts out after they fight. Selena is just not good for Justin. They need to stay away from each other.”

However, after Bieber’s arrest in the early morning hours of Thursday in Miami for a DUI, drag racing, resisting arrest and driving on an expired license — the warning seems odd.

“These are very young kids essentially, with no real adult supervision or guidance in their lives and it shows,” the source added.

“Justin also does really stupid stuff to try and impress Selena. Frustratingly for his advisors, he gets so much negative press, but Selena never does. If Justin were to cut off all communication with Selena, he would be in a much better place.”

Said another insider, “Most of Justin’s team thinks she has a generally positive influence on him because she has her act together… (but) he does act out a lot more often than (not) when he deals with her.”

Do you believe Selena has a negative influence on Justin?



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