*Exclusive* ATL Housewives on Kim Z: “We Hate That B*tch!” + More On “Pimp Najjar”

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Kim Zolciak

In what will probably be the shocker of the year, Nene, along with the rest of ATL Housewives can’t stand that bushel of blonde mess, Kim Zolciak and her tacky lifestyle. Oh, and they’re getting vocal on the second season.

Our source tells us, “They really don’t want her on the show. She’s a trainwreck. The the other night at Niecy Nash’s B-day party in ATL, Lisa, Sheree and Nene were pissed that she even showed up. They proceeded to give her the cold shoulder and tell her to leave. She barely took red carpet photos before she immediately left. Sheree has another gathering this weekend, so we’ll see if she shows up.”

And the mess continues with Lee Najjar:

“Lee might actually make an appearance on the show. I don’t know how it’s going to work out because he’s currently engaged to Kim, but he’s still married to his wife, Kim Najjar. Things might be on the rocks, though. Kim (Z) hasn’t been wearing the rock that Lee bought for her.”

Bravo hit the darn jackpot with this wheffah. Poor, Kandi. That chile doesn’t even know what she’s getting into.

Peep the ring switcharoo in the photos below. The black ring was photographed this past Saturday night at Niecy Nash’s bash. She also has a tattoo of Lee’s name on her finger. The photo of her in the white dress (and real engagement ring) is from the Golden Globe awards on January 11th, 2009.


Kim Z Engagement RingKim Zolciak


  • Dirty Harriet (Get all up in yo ass like a Enema)

    So many things to say about that dude in the peach-like shirt.

    So, so many things. But I will keep them to myself. :)

  • Lady J


  • Lady J


  • MissChoklate

    Top 10..HaHa

  • jakob

    is that a GUY wearing heels, and what appears to be a skirt?

  • niasia

    Ok forget about her….WTF is going on wit dude in the pink shirt. Somebody need to tell him he is not built for that! Damn what is going on man what is going on with black men? That is some old BS! Smack his damn head!

  • Huh?

    Whoa, as I scrolled down the picture I definitely didn’t expect what I saw. Dude(tte) had on fierce strappy stillettos. His top half doesn’t match what he is wearing at the bottom.

  • BE

    Kim finally got a new dress besides that dusty mop white one and she got a new wig

  • Big D#ck Willie


  • Another day

    I am not a Kim fan think she is irrelevant but to them other broke heffas just her showing up with all her sh*t paid for and stacks of Lee’s money in her bag, not to mention his black card well – her presence would make me mad too if I got evicted cuz my husbands an ol loser, my new husband cant find a job or a team that he can establish himself on or I was just caught applying for food stamps. Would not want to see this trick

  • ?

    Oh my bad it was Niecy Nash’s bash

  • jb_1030 (No Amber Rose shoes this month)

    WHat the hell is going on with these dudes down there in the ATL?

  • Derrick

    Gay dudes in Atlanta take their homosexuality seriously down there!!!

  • Dont be mad

    OMG why did I think that was Bobby Brown at first, I’m like he getting big those punks wanted to hang with Kim cuz she got some drink money believe that

  • Butterscotch

    Lawd have mercy. Look if you’re going to go the cross dressing route, do it all the way. In other words, you need to look all man or all woman – that in between look is downright confusing, not to mention messy.

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