Decepticons: 10 Celebs Who Look Way Older Than They Are [Photo Gallery]

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Be-MSuKIIAA8zIC Your favorite entertainers are notorious for lying about their age because "old" (30+) isn't cool, glamorous or magazine cover-worthy in today's image-obsessed society. Here are ten celebs who look way older than they are. Take a look.
Be9W82yCMAQAkAG Lorde , "17" going on 43.
2 LeBron James, "29." Hairline:40.
20100127_163507_greg Greg Oden, the struggliest "26" you'll ever see.
top Blue Ivy, 2 going on 5
michelle Michelle Williams, a strong-faced, Marge Simpson-voiced 32 (Yes, the same age as Beyonce. No, we don't believe this and you shouldn't either)
25artsbeat-adele-blog480 Adele , a very grown and scorned 25
111014053440-lindsay-lohan-teeth-story-top Lindsay Lohan, a gleefully-druggy 27
BfPlIrDIUAAFN_L "Lil" Terrio, a tragically obese "6"
Macaulay Culkin stops to take some photographs with fans in New York City. The 'Home Alone' star recently made headlines for looking shockingly thin which prompted concerns about his health. Macaulay Culkin, a Crypt Keeperish 33
ht_chelsea_clinton_hillary_clinton_twitpic_sswm_jt_130615_wblog Chelsea Clinton, 33 (allegedly) Topsy/Instagram

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