When The Checks Stop Coming In: DL Hughley’s Show Dissolved

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According to Livesteez, DL Hughley’s show is in the dumps:

Comedian D.L. Hughley’s CNN show “D.L. Hughley Breaks the News” will reportedly cease production by the end of March 2009. Though the performer’s won’t have his regular Saturday night comedy/news program any longer, he will still be in association with the popular news network. The network reported some of the details of the situation in a statement released last week: “D.L. approached CNN about being permanently based in Los Angeles, where his family lives. To accommodate this, we agreed upon a new role where he will be a contributor for the network based in Los Angeles. We are eager to continue our relationship with D.L., who is a tremendous talent and a valued colleague.” Though reviews of the show were mixed at best, Hughley still managed to pull in approximately 200,000 viewers each night. And those numbers likely spiked after the comedian’s interview with Republican National Chairman Michael Steele sparked a feud between the chairman and coservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

Everyone knows he was living a pipe dream anyways. Good luck in the future D.L.



  • GGooDie

    Ummm duh!!

    Hughley is a Comedian not a Political analyst.

    CNN is dumb for doo doo puffs to put that show on anyone.

    I guess everyone is trying to take a stab in the new found BLACKNESS that is sweeping the world.

    Yeah right!

    Better luck next time buddy.

  • Lisa Vee


  • Lisa Vee

    that show was a disgrace from jump…he isn’t even a good comedian.

  • *Treasure*

    Whatever troubles he has coming to him is well deserved. I lost all respect for him when he sided with Don Imus derrogatory comments about those women.

    His show on BET was a disgrace and full of racist rhetoric. He tried to make it appealing with comedy, But the racial overtones could not be ignored. I am glad he does not have a forum to spread his racist nonsense any longer.

  • Owners of Bossip-and bullshit

    And we care because wha?

  • riding with brezzy!!!!!!!!

    His show is racist !!! Glad they took it off !!!

  • Colonel Stinkmeaner

    …………show was wack anyway…………..

  • wifey06

    who was gonna go olooking fo rhis show on saturdy night at 10pm.. come on cnn knew what they were doing before they aired him!!!!

    no black shows on CNN for real. He was their minority quota.

    I tell you that grace chicks gets on my nerves with her show. Same ole person missing an still talking about all of the family members and their lives.

    we wanted a black show that could say what was really on our minds and there is no way we can do that on white man airwaves. Tyler Perry network is so needed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Grace is the missing white woman segment of CNN.

  • Bria

    I don’t think anyone saw this show who’s making these comments. It actually was a very entertaining and informative show. I would like to know why we get mad at white people when they say things that are out of line. Because the things we say about each other is far more damaging than what anyone else can do or say to us. So let’s check our anger until we start respecting each other.

  • Jessica

    It dissolved because it was horrible.

    Have they ever canceled a top rated show after it just got started? No never. In my humble opinion the interviews, skits and comedy should have been more entertaining overall.

    There was something to be lacking.

    End of Story.

  • c from stl

    There are three things to say about this show:

    1. When the show first aired it was absolutely TERRIBLE and that’s putting it mildly. D.L. looked very uncomfortable and nothing seemed to flow between segments.

    2. For some reason AFTER the election the show actually got alot better. They changed some things around on the set and D.L. seemed alot more relaxed. I actually chuckled a few times (which says alot because the first few episodes had me feeling sorry for him).

    3. D.L. is a comedian, not a political contributor, analyst, commentator, etc. He had no connection to these politicians that appeared on his show and his contribution to the subject matters never seemed serious and always had some type of racial undertone to it.

    I’m actually not surprised that his show got cancelled. I was just waiting on the announcement to come along and now here it is.

  • Sepia830

    D.L. is the ish!! I didn’t particularly care for his show, but mostly because once Obama won I didn’t have the same interest in politics. Hopefully this will free up his time to appear on Bill Maher’s show and do a new comedy concert on HBO.

    Much luck and love to you, D.L. :)

  • stezz

    I thought the show was good and I’m proud of DL for getting to that platform that many people, of all races, yearn to acheive.
    It took people with some level of intelligence and an interest of current issues to appreciate it fully. Flava of Love probably would be better suited for you ingnorant criticizers on this page.

  • stezz

    /\cosign with Sepia830 on the Tyler Perry comment…

  • pyt10050

    Call me crazy, but didn’t we all know his 15 minutes were up a long time ago???

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