Coupled Up: The Wives And Girlfriends Of The Super Bowl

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Wives And Girlfriends Of The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is this weekend, and there will be plenty of thirsty women around. But they should all know about these guys who are booed up and they should stay away from. Here are the wives and girlfriends of the players for the big game.
Ashley-Manning-looks-up-to-her-husband-Peyton-Manning_original_crop_north Peyton and Ashley Manning
russell-wilsons-wife1 Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem
marshawn-lynchs-girlfriend-charmaine-glock-instagram Marshawn Lynch's Girlfriend Charmaine Glock
golden-tates-girlfriend-elise-pollard Golden Tate and girlfriend Elise Pollard
chris-clemons-wife-veranetta-clemons Chris Clemons' Ex-Wife Veranetta Clemons
anna-burns-welker Anna Burns, Wife Of Wes Welker
Photo_on_2011-08-02_at_03.16__3 Veronica Woodyard, wife of Wesley Woodyard
928a14d24ce058b12286d572cb4f08f7 Niche Caldwell, wife of Andre Caldwell
6-leah-anatalya-harris-chris-harris-super-bowl-xlviii-wags Leah Harris, wife of Chris Harris

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