Hamburglar’s Album Release Party

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The Dream held his album release party last night. C-Milli was there with her bimbo steez in full effect, as well as Beenie Man, Ne-Yo, Busta, and Teyana Taylor.

Pop it to peep the flicks…



  • Lisa Vee


  • Pride

    Thrid LOL she look a mess with the blond wig

  • buttah

    Christina looks terrible. What the heck did she do to her hair? It looks like radiation!!!!

  • Scarred

    Neyo and Teyanna Taylor should never take pics together, thats just to much ugly at once.
    Neyo always looks like he just took 5 punches to the face, and Teyanna is just off somehow (maybe its the mustach).
    I can stand them alone but not together!


    So…C. Mill is his girl now hunh? i heard the CD…its cool…I like ‘Fancy’ and ‘Mr. Yeah’

  • whattha?

    Whats up with Ne-Yo and the Kappa hand-sign
    and shorty in the pink dress has more hair under her arms than I do
    Busta been eat’n

  • whattha?

    and the dude can’t afford collar stays for his shirt…tacky

  • Alex

    Is that stomach I see on C Milli…WTF is up with that???

  • CattyBitch

    Christina looks like a tanner, equally shitty version of Aubrey O’Day.

  • told you so

    @ Alex
    it could be part of a small muffin-top. though she is leaning forward so it may be nothing just as easily

  • Miss Main Attraction

    I love this Dream. I been bumpin’ “Mr. Yeah” all day.Christina does need to fix her do, she’s a much prettier girl than these last couple of week.

  • Cyn

    I hate the Dream’s face. Just hate it. Makes me want to spew vomit.

  • Breezy has superhuman strength thats all

    yea Busta is not going hungry!

  • mia

    love christina milian

  • Jessica

    & What kind of face is Ne-Yo making?

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