Cassie Denies Fu*kin for Tracks

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Cassie recently explained she is still in the game because of talent, not fu*kin for tracks:

No I haven’t ever dated Diddy. I’m his artist, and we are actually friends. We really are friends. I am fortunate to have that connection with him, we just happened to have really hit it off as friends, but that’s it. It doesn’t bother me people think that or say that we are dating as people are going to say it regardless if I am bothered or not right? [laughs] These are my friends. I’m not going to stop hanging around someone or stop being friends with someone because people are making up things you know? It used to bother me a lot more but now I am like “whatever.”

I think people definitely perceive me as being with these men [Diddy, Ryan Leslie] because they don’t understand how I could ever get to where I am without sleeping with them; do you know what I mean? I have never put myself out there in any situation that would make me seem slutty [laughs] but I guess that’s what people think of me.

We don’t believe you, you need more people.




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