UPS Is Hiring: 10 Rappers Who Are Falling Off And Don’t Even Know It

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10 Rappers Who Don’t Realize They’re Falling Off

It’s a shame when struggle rappers don’t know they struggle. These rappers are established and had great careers, but it’s just about done. And they don’t even know it.


Young Jeezy – He hasn’t had a hit in a while and it’s only getting more difficult for him to pop.

Rick Ross Shirtless

Rick Ross – His album has been getting pushed back like crazy and his singles haven’t moved the needle either.

Ludacris and Eudoxie

Ludacris – Luda’s guest verses have been overshadowed for the last few years. He’s got other things on his mind, though.


Gucci Mane –See that tattoo? That’s where it all fell apart for him.


Joe Budden – Once you get on those reality shows, it’s over for you.


Azealia Banks – “But she was never on…” Exactly.


Wale – Once you start popping off about not being on lists, maybe you should reconsider things.

game and daughter

The Game – Man, he’s all drama and not enough dope music. Sad story.


Chief Keef – All that jail time doesn’t do wonders for a career, Chief.


Eminem – Hate it had to be him…but he’s just too old.


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