Happy Birthday Trayvon Martin: We Remember Him On What Would Have Been His 19th Birthday

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On this day we would like to remember our fallen brother Trayvon Martin, who would have been 19-years-old if his life had not been taken that fateful night in Sanford, Florida. It’s hard to put into words what Trayvon’s life and death have come to mean to us in the two years since we first learned what happened, but it’s very important to keep his memory alive. He’s no longer with us but our thoughts and prayers are with his mother and father and the rest of his family, including his cousin who posted the above video on Instagram. While we do not feel that justice prevailed where his death is concerned we would like to put our faith in a higher power and trust that God has Trayvon now — his suffering is over. We long for the day when our children are no longer the victims of senseless gun violence, whether it be police, ignorant neighborhood “watch dogs” or our own people pulling the trigger. We ask that you take some time today to think about those lives that have been taken — especially so young and that we all take the time to value our own lives and the lives of others.

Happy Birthday Trayvon. #RIP

Sidenote: This week also marks the 15th Anniversary of Amadou Diallo’s murder at the hands of NYC police. They shot an unarmed man 41 times as he was reaching for his wallet.


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