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Vivica Fox Booked

After all this time, Vivica Fox finally got booked yesterday for her drinking and driving incident that occurered back in March. She was stopped for going 80 mph and swerving in her 2007 Escalade on a Los Angeles freeway.:

Vivica A. Fox has been booked on a drunken driving charge that could subject her to a $1,000 fine and a jail term as long as six months. Fox, 43, walked into a Northridge police station Wednesday and was fingerprinted and photographed, officer Ana Aguirre said. The booking process took less than 25 minutes and Fox was released without bail.

In September, Fox pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence and driving with a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit of .08.

Sounds like that went smoothly, and we’re pretty sure she won’t do six months…but for real get a damn driver next time. The Hollyweird people who are the main ones who can afford a driver, are the main ones getting pulled over for D.U.I.

Well in Viv’s case she might’ve spent all her extra dough on her face.



  • Baby Please
  • Sun Goddess

    Hurray for Vivica. she should just plead guilty, pay the fine, and lay off so much booze, or get a driver. Not like she can’t afford it if she didn’t have to post bail.

  • ThaBossLadee

    Lol…it is funny that they don’t use their drives though.

  • Hazelnut

    Vivica needs guidance. She has not been the same since the 50 cent debacle. At the age of 43, she should be aging gracefully and coming into her own. Instead, she is going backward – plastic surgery and breaking the law…SMH

  • Traycee

    and we’re supposed to believe she’s 115 lbs?!

    Get the hell outta here!

  • Dannie Fresh

    What I want to know is why her booking intake papers say she is 5’8″ and 115 lbs?????? She wears at least 80 lbs. of weave!

  • Jenny Craig

    Viv I’m waiting on that call. Whenever you ready girl

  • Curly Fries

    @ Jenny Craig–You know you wrong..BWAHAHAHA!! I see Viv’s shades are covering in her jacked up hairline Like a lot of “older” sistas she needs to work off her belly, hips and thighs. I know I sure as hell need to get on it!

  • I Sat On Santa's Lap And He Said I Have A Bright Future Behind Me

    @ Jenny Craig

    Honestly I didn’t understand that post until the second time I read that comment. LOL

    You are too, silly!

  • Traycee

    who’s crusty AND pale looking foot is that in the pic?! YUCK!

  • Mrs

    @ traycee lol how did I miss that hobbet foot

    This picture is mean- if she knew they were there she would have sucked it in, but her weave has always been ghetto






  • Killa Can

    DROCK, I was thinking the same thing! LOL

  • Nic

    sit ups & leg lifts, viv…

  • KillaBeeSwarm

    I like Vivica’s body, though my well trained eyes tell me that’s more than 115 lbs. Just wish it were all natural. It’s a shame really.

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