In White Folks News: Who Will Die First?????

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Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse were both spotted yesterday looking rocked out.

Who do you think will die first if they don’t get any serious treatment for being on rocks????


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  • follow the leader

    not funny SMH

  • kim

    amy winehouse will unfortunately be the first to go. she needs help ASAP!!!

  • mo'ree

    amy’s death walk is fierce britney half stepping…

  • Soul Cry

    Britney is suffering from post-pardum depression, she needs help.

  • Unkle Kracka

    Havint white people sufferd enuff, why cant you niggras leeve us alone.

  • Soul Cry

    meant to say a mixure of stupid rebellion and post-pardum

  • sidelineshow

    Pray for them… http://WWW.SIDELINESHOW.COM

  • Bronx Brawler

    Amy is going to shoot up some pure uncut dope

  • I'm Still Me

    Amy Winehouse because whatever Britney is on she still stays thick, Amy is like a walking stick

  • A+

    What I can’t understand is what are their families doing? Since Amy’s hubby has been locked up she has gone into an even more destructive and downward spiral. If she dies I’m sure they will feel they could of done more. Now she’s alone who knows what she’ll do to herself. And where is Britney’s “stage mom” now, huh?

  • Bankable P

    I think Amy may be the first to go. I don’t think britney is ready to give up all the money she spends on “entertainment” to end up in a pine box, yet. But I would have thought the judge in the case for britney would have ordered some kind of counseling for her.

  • Narcotics Anonymous

    Britney gone be aiight…

    Amy in the Cold tryin to dead herself

    Winehouse wins the race!!! :)

  • Southern Belle 225

    hopefully neither one will have to go.

  • The Real Essence 1

    Who cares about either one of them? Have either one of these ding a lings contributed anything positive to the black community? Nope!

    Knowing that it’s un-christian to wish death…I hope whatever is looming over Britney’s head will hurry up & happen cuz I’m tired of hearing about HER!! She’s a horrible mother any mother who upon losing custody of her kids goes out to a tanning salon is disgraceful! She spends $16k a month of clothes {yet don’t have a pair of panties} and ZERO DOLLARS ON EDUCTAION, AND EDUCATIONAL TOYS FOR HER SONS…WHY HAVE EM IF YOUR GOING TO MISTREAT EM???

    Changing my name to Marvin Gaye is the Greatest

  • Soul Cry


    very true and morbid…hey Drew B was able to overcome, perhaps they can too.

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