No Babies For Mariah Carey Just Yet

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Mariah and Nick

The rumors about Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey being with child have gone on for a while, but they want people to know they are going to wait a couple of years before adding to their family:

Rapper/actor NICK CANNON has laughed off constant reports his superstar wife MARIAH CAREY is pregnant, insisting they will wait for another few years before starting a family.
The couple married last April (08) and Cannon and Carey have been fighting baby rumours ever since, and now Cannon reveals they have chosen to wait before having a baby.
When asked if kids were in their near future, Cannon told, “Soon. Like, couple (of) years soon!”
Cannon’s admission comes on the same day he was announced as the chairman and creative consultant of Nickelodeon’s new teenage-oriented network TEENick. The star signed a two year contract with the broadcasters on Thursday (12Mar09).
Cannon and Carey are reportedly looking for a new home in Hollywood, where they eventually hope to start a family.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey need to quit with all the games.  The broad is rapidly approaching the “it’s now or never” age.  SMH

*And congrats to Nick on the new gig.

More pics below.

Mariah and NickMariah and NickMariah and NickNick Cannon



  • Aunt Viv

    They’re growing on me

  • ms meca

    im likinng them now…

  • Lisa Vee


  • Lisa Vee

    please no babies!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bg

    She better hurry up, dem eggs gone scramble themselves soon


    love them.. would be so lovely to see mimi with some babies :>)
    come Nick do the damn thing already! you young, have some guiness and red bull!

  • Ms. Brilly

    Hmm… they might not want to wait too long. Women can still have children into their 40s (I believe she’s approaching 40 if she’s not there already). But the longer you wait, the more risk. Then again, she has the money to get the best doctors and the best treatments, etc… so I guess it’s whatever.

  • Luv-Lee

    Why would you want to be so lod having babies??? Im not sure how old Mariah is but lets say she have a baby @ 40, by the time her child is 20, she will be 60!! And you know how crazy kids are now a days. What is she gonna do with a 20 year old at 60?

  • Luv-Lee

    lod…I meant old!!! LOL!!

  • jb_1030 (Dreams she is Amber Rose so she can wear those shoes)

    THere is nothing wrong with having a kid after 40. Now 45 or 50, that is a nother story. SHe will be pregnant and then she will have twins cause that is what you do in Hollywierd.


    Nick betta hope their marriage LASTS THAT LONG…

    Might wanna reconsider waiting before MiMi change her mind.. LOL

  • kahmmillion

    She acting like she young..she better hurry.

  • K

    So she wants to be menopausal when she wants to have kids?? All righty then…

  • Bored @ Work

    No comment on this topic..

  • Ummmmmm....

    They seem genuinely happy. Do your thang Mariah and Nick….damn the haters.

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