Todd Tucker Threatens To Leave Kandi Because Mama Joyce Tried To Set Him Up To Look Like A Dirty Dog

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Todd is fed up with Mama Joyce’s mind games!

Todd Tucker Tells Kandi He Does Not Respect Mama Joyce

Via RadarOnline reports:

The famously-disapproving mother of Kandi Burruss doesn’t like her daughter’s fiancé, Todd Tucker, one bit, considering him an opportunist.

And on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, after hearing how Mama Joyce was plotting against him, Todd gave Kandi an ultimatum, saying he might just walk away if Kandi didn’t follow her own path!

Todd hit the roof when he learned Mama Joyce was apparently involved in a plot to put him in a compromising position with another woman so that he would look like a cheater. And then Kandi’s Mama Joyce planned to pay someone to get a picture of it!

Todd told Kandi incredulously about Mama Joyce’s actions, saying, “I don’t really have any respect for your mom! When your mom talking about setting me up, ‘Take pictures of him,’ f*** that!”

As Kandi tried to make an excuse for her mother, Todd said, “Your mama continues to mind f*** you and if you don’t check that, she’ll continue to run this relationship, run this house, run your business and everything else.

“Even for me, it’s only a certain amount of time before I’m going to feel like, you know what? I love you babe, but we can be friends.”

A shocked Kandi said, “So you’re saying you’re leaving me?”

Todd replied, “I’m saying that it may be an option.”

Kandi began to cry and defend her mother, saying SHE would never leave her.

But Todd said no man was going to be in her life if she would continue to let Mama Joyce disrespect them.

In confessional, Kandi told viewers, “I’m torn: I love my mom, but I don’t think she ‘gets’ that by hurting Todd, she’s hurting me, too.”

What should Kandi do??

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