Nothing Lasts Forever: 10 Infamous Rap Beefs That Were Squashed

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nasjayz Rap beef evolved from genuine hatred between rappers to shameless promo for upcoming projects in today's hype-fueled industry. At their height, rap beefs were messy spectacles filled with classic diss records until rappers slowly realized that unity is better for business. Here are ten infamous rap beefs that were squashed. Take a look.
jay-z-nas Jay Z vs. Nas Nas is a better man than most because Hov's "Super Ugly" seemed unforgivable but he rose above it, signed with President Carter's Def Jam and collabed on "Black Republicans."
collage Ja Rule vs. 50 Cent 50 famously buried Ja Rule and his beloved struggle croons in front of everyone but they recently resolved their issues before Ja's prison stint.
rick-ross-young-jeezy Rick Ross vs. Jeezy Rawse called Jeezy the WORST thing you could possibly call someone in the south several times on ONE record and now it's all good.
nas-cam-ron Nas vs. Cam'ron Nas may be a legend but he's also the most disrespected Hip-Hop icon of all-time. First, he let "Super Ugly" slide then squashed his beef with the man who threatened to "R. Kelly his daughter." Whoa.
common-vs-drake Drake vs. Common The most light-skinned, gluten-free beef, maybe ever, provided more laughs than ooooohs before quietly ending during the Grammys.
ti-shawty-lo T.I. vs. Shawty Lo Shawty L.O. had Tip Huxtable under pressure during their wildly-entertaining beef that boiled over when Tip was forced to explain his suspect Bankhead roots. Time healed all wounds, though.
youngjeezyguccimane Gucci Mane vs. Jeezy Word on the street is that Jeezy sent the shooter who Gucci killed in self-defense before their ugly beef. It's all love now.
fat-joe-50-cent 50 Cent vs. Fat Joe Joey Crack's arms were too short and flabby to box with 50 who laughed through this forgettable beef. But that's all in the past now.
cudiwaleold Wale vs. KiD CuDi Folks only remember this terrible beef because of CuD's classic "we don't fawk with you, musically" line that probably hurt Wale's fragile feelings until they patched things up on Twitter.
j-cole-diggy_jpg_630x427_q85 Diggy vs. J. Cole We still don't know why Cole battled a teeny-bop rapper, but he did, and sounded like a big brother battling his little brother in the Chuck E. Cheese parking lot. But they're cool now. Topsy/Instagram

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