Post-Pregnancy Swag

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Melanie Brown Post-pregnancy Swag

Melanie Brown showed up to support fellow Spice Girl Mel C who performed somewhere in LA rockin Eddie’s other ex’s signature bare midriff look.

That tummy is on point, especially after pushing out a baby less than a year ago.

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  • Baby Please

    Wow. Abs are on point. Dayum.

  • StilettosnSmiles

    She looks damn good!! G Mel, Mel!! LOL!!

  • lacyd

    She is really pretty to me, I can’t even hate!!! Don’t know why, but I’m now a fan of Mel C!!

  • Anonymous3

    I’m jealous…

  • Traycee

    Ppl may hate on her, but her body is on point…*whispers* no homo

  • Traycee

    now her hubby? that’s another topic in itself!

  • Jessica

    I feel so fat right now :(

  • I Stay SMH


  • coco

    Dancing with the Stars will get you like that. Nice bod!

  • CubaLinda

    FINALLY, Mel is getting her shine on!! I luv this chic, wild spirit, cute, dresses sessay and all that! I went to see the Spice Girls movie back in the late 90’s and my friends thought I was buggin- until the tour and they saw I was a serious stan!

  • Hazelnut

    Mel B. is far more attractive than Tracey Edmonds in my opinion…..

  • Mrs

    She looks good but then she opens her mouth and it’s like hearing a horse chew

  • Ken

    He looks so great. Seems saw him on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called millionairefriends. com. But don’t know if it is him.

  • yes

    babyface is too damn old for raven

    but anyway i need to talk to mel’s trainer asap

  • Bird

    I sooooo want her body, minus the flat booty. I’ll never have it without a boob job though. Oh well, I’ll settle for the abs. Give me six months.

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