Ain’t Too Proud: Men Who Begged Their Women To Keep Them

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Men Who Begged To Stay

Men are idiots. They screw up relationships and ruin women all the time. Then when they screw it up, they beg for forgiveness. Celebrities are no different. These men were so desperate to get their women back that they put all shame aside and begged and begged and begged. Did it work?
Robin Thicke with his wife Paula Patton and Son Julian at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch on Friday. Robin soaks up the lime light as fans ask for photos with the popular "Blurred Lines" singer. He watches over his Son Julian as goes on the big slide. They take photos and look for the perfect pumpkins and Halloween decorations. Robin Thicke - He's currently begging Paula Patton to keep him. Maybe he should have kept his hands to his damn self.
'An Unforgettable Evening' in Beverly Hills Kobe Bryant - He cheated and got caught, almost going to jail. So he naturally bought her a $4 million ring and kept her.
Tiger and Elin Tiger Woods - He offered to give her all his money if she just stayed. Nope.
Gabrielle Union Dwyane Wade Dwyane Wade - He got another woman pregnant while on "break" from coincidence they got engaged right afterwards, huh? Talk about clever begging.
peter gunz Peter Gunz - He begged BOTH of this chicks to keep him even though he was the dirtiest dog around.
rihanna and chris brown Chris Brown - He begged Rihanna not to leave him, especially after he hit her. Then he begged Karrueche to keep him. Basically, he begs a lot.
magic and cookie Magic Johnson - When Cookie found out he had HIV, MJ had to beg with all his heart for her not to leave him.
Mimi-Faust-Stevie-J-Cover2 Stevie J - According to MiMi Faust, he sent messages begging her to stay. Steebie J beg? No way!
reggie-bush-and-kim-kardashian Reggie Bush - He sent texts and messages begging Kim not to marry Kris...because he still wanted her.
Lamarfeat Lamar Odom - He's been begging Khloe to come back but he's probably so high he doesn't remember.

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