The More You Know: 10 Little-Known Black History Facts

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collage Every February, the same hundred "lesser-known Black history facts" are lazily dumped into your life so we decided to freshen things up with newer-age facts that may seriously shock you. Here are ten little-known Black history facts. Take a look.
tumblr_lzgpt5tG6n1qid3b4o1_500 The Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff were originally slated to star in “House Party" but the deal with New Line cinema fell through.
collage Madam C.J. Walker didn’t invent creamy crack or the straightening comb (contrary to VERY popular belief). Charles Nessler developed the very first perm in 1905.
bey Master P and "How To Rob"-era 50 Cent were the first to give Beyonce/Destiny's Child national exposure.
collage2 Nas (yes, Hip-Hop icon NASIR JONES) wrote Will Smith’s smash hit “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.”
gb Eddie Murphy passed on the token Ghostbuster brotha role in “Ghostbusters 1 & 2”
mjb Mary J. Blige turned down Rihanna’s “Umbrella” (yet felt completely comfortable SANGIN' her face off about crispy chicken).
matrix - Matrix Will Smith turned down the role of “Neo” in “The Matrix” (which was written by a Black woman--no, seriously) to star in “Wild Wild West.”
2Pac-and-JJ-Poetic-Justice-tupac-shakur-11865029-342-500 Janet and Pac's freaky scene in "Poetic Justice" was scrapped because of Pac's refusal to take an HIV test.
nwa Not ONE member of N.W.A had a criminal record.
fred Malcolm Little washed dishes with Redd Foxx (yes, "Fred Sanford") at a Harlem restaurant during his pre-Malcolm X struggle years. Topsy/Instagram/Tumblr

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