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Floyd Mayweather Knock Out

Floyd “Money” Mayweather made it rain last night on British Boxer Ricky Hatton for the Welterweight title. Here is what Floyd had to say after the fight:

“What else is there for me to prove? I’ve beaten so many champions. I’ve beaten the brawlers and the boxers. And I can beat them at their own game, that’s the difference. I said I would fight him inside and I did. I knew he was going to get dirty and I had to do the same. There’s only one Mayweather. There’s only one Mayweather. He talks the talk, and he walks the walk, walking to the money land.”


Images from his after party:

Floyd Mayweather Knock Out 2Tank & TyreseFloyd Mayweather B2K

View the Knock Out and pics of Ricky Hatton and his bloody face chillin after the fight under the hood…

Poor Thang:

Ricky Hatton 1Ricky Hatton 2Ricky Hatton 3Ricky Hatton 4

Images via WENN


  • Mr. First


  • ChristinaFan

    1st! :-) Yay for Mayweather !!!

  • Mary J Blige

    and someone explain why Tyrese is wearing a zoot suit?? smh

  • Serpico

    Money May does it again. Tore Hatton up. What a fight! We watched a true legend last night. Make it rain!

  • Brittney

    B2k yayy they lookin good

    cant say the same for Ricky hatton

  • Lady Architect

    I’m so glad he won…they were hypin this white man up way too much talkin bout he was gonna beat Mayweather

  • datdude

    @ I have a baby hand

    It seems you have a baby brain as well…people like you are never satisfied to see someone else have their moment. It not his fault no one in his class cant touch him….SMH…and laughin’ at yo dumb ass.

  • 0sofrsh

    glad for mayweather…i was watching the HBO special leading up to the fight and dude goes hard!

    and where da hell b2k come from?!?! they are so random

  • Smarter than you

    Eh bay bay

    All you haters are dumb, how dare you question Mayweathers greatness? Can you not recognize the fact that he is the best pound for pound fighter in the world? Go a higher weight class? SMH stupid morons

  • bobshfdfg

    Is he still single? I saw his profile on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called ‘Searching Millionaire. com’ .His profile is nice with several recent pics there. Many girls winked at him. What relationship is he looking for?

  • John

    White boy came all the way from England to get a “DOWN HOME ASS WHUPPIN””!!

  • http://j@aoolcom BoxingGuru

    Baby hand you obviously dont know anything about boxing. Floyd started at super featherweight, thats 126 lbs and has won titles all the way up to 154 lbs. Nobody has done that, if that isnt moving up I dont know what is, learn about boxing before you mouth off next time.


    He is definately the Pretty Boy Floyd! Get em’!

  • Madein82 Fresh2def

    Congrats FLOYD….!! Sidebar I luuvv me some Tank but what is with the Sunday go meetin suit..Step ya game up sweetie

  • huhwhat

    I heard he won by TKO? Unless he won by KO I don’t think he needs to get all big headed.

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