NBA Star Targeted in Drive-By Shooting

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Indiana Pacers star, Jamal Tinsley, was capped on last night while leaving a nightclub in Indy. Reports are he and his crew were targeted after flossin’ a ‘Double R’ (Rolls Royce) to the club.

Tinsley’s crew chased the gunmen down and dumped back at their cars. There were no reports of anyone being shot.


  • Mary J Blige

    What in the world is going on in this country?

  • mzlynbkny

    WTF………….You can’t go nowhere and have fun………That’s messed up………I’m glad no one was hurt!!!!!

  • maurice


  • bobshfdfgs

    I just got this news from his friend who wrote blog on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named ‘searching millionaire. com’ Really can’t believe it.

  • Ghost

    Maybe it’s time for the NBA to Pacman Jones Mr. Tinsley and give him a vacation AWAY from the NBA.

    Can we go 1 season without something happening to this guy?

    You take him, Steven Jackson and Artest out and we might have a peaceful NBA season. Some of these guys need to learn once you get paid-LEAVE THE HOOD BEHIND!

    And I think one report was someone was shot at, one of the Pacers trainers or equipment managers. ESPN kept flashing something about it.

  • John

    Help me out here. What the hell is “Flossing in a Rolls mean?? I never heard anything like that. What is that? Come on now, educate a brother!!!

  • Marx

    All that shooting and nobody hit

  • sidelineshow

    Jamal Tinsley and his boys were having a nicca moment. http://WWW.SIDELINESHOW.COM

  • mixed-up

    I live in Nap and he stays in some MESS! Sit Down with yo lil dusty ass!

  • jackie baby

    I agree with swami. We can be our own worst enemies. Anyhow its senseless for someone to be shot for their own possessions. I hope that everyone is okay.

  • Just Saying

    Keep “flossing” in front of your Brothers who don’t have anything, just like in the “hood” they will find a way to take your “sh*t”. It’s like having 5 big macs in front of someone that is starving and has none, and your going “ooh ahh so good”.

  • John

    @Just Saying—— Got it now!!

  • `Da Real

    @ WOW

  • `Da Real

    @ WOW

    They probably sold it to some guys from Jena or something, or maybe Imus.

  • Bronx Brawler

    There are hating a** dudes everywhere, but Nap Town has plenty of hating country dudes. He prob moved a few Bk shooters out there with him. Just get money, enjoy life, and grow old.

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