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Eve recently commented on the death of Kanye West’s mother, Dr. Donda West:

“We live in a society of quick fixes. The cost is your life. Hopefully, this will make people think more.”


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  • maurice


  • maurice

    This is true but yet still kind of harsh… I think she needs to be more sensitive to the whole West family.

  • C.Ann-Marie

    I totally agree with Maurice, she does not have a right to judge anyone. Maybe, she should have her dog paws surgically removed.

  • anonymous

    It’s the harsh reality of the situation. I agree that she should have been more sensitive.

    The public needs to be more aware of the possible negative consequences of cosmetic surgery. Too often we are fed only the positive aspects. Knowlegde is power!

  • Crack


  • Umm

    For some, the outcome justifies the risk in their mind. I doubt anyone that actually thought they were going to die having elective surgery actually went through with it.

  • anonymous

    Umm, that is so true. We often live in the moment.

  • Swami

    Eve can act as though she is exempt from judgment with regards to plastic surgery, but she was on a waiting list to get breast implants several years ago. I wonder why she never went through with the procedure, because she needs them.

    If you look at Eve’s face when she was first signed to Aftermath and look at her now, she looks different.

    People can lie and say, “I have a trainer, that’s why I look different.” I think it’s more to the difference in her appearance than a trainer.

    I agree with Ann Marie. Eve needs to see Dr. Tattoff for some laser tattoo removal with the quickness.

  • Candy Barr

    So many television shows — not entertainment shows in which most watch — have done things on the dangers of having that surgery. I agree with Eve. I also get tired of all these showbiz mothers who act as if they are the ones in the spotlight. She shouldn’t have had the surgery, anyway . . . She had her own successful career. Plus, she was a beautiful woman. That is why it was so sad.

  • nahnah

    wells, she’s right!

    how else was she s’pose to say it?

  • PinkPushy

    Damn she kinda anal.

  • bobshfdfg

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  • It's whateva

    I’m sure she didn’t mean it like that but what other way is there to say it. It’s so true. Words can’t always come out sweet and sincere…but I’m sure she didn’t mean to be so harsh about it.

  • Mona

    a quick fix does not always equal death. true, people need to be aware of the consequenes of any surgery, do their homework, and weigh their choices. But that comment was rude especially so soon after her death. She makes it sound like donda was being completly vain in her attempt…when actually she may have been looking to change something that had long pained her. And she has a right to pursue happiness..sorry everyone doesn’t have it naturallu like eve.

  • Lili

    She didn’t need to phrase it that way, especially since I’m suuuuuuuuuuuuure she’s probably had something done.

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