9 Celebs Who Had To Deal With Psycho Fans

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Rappers, actors, singers, and athletes all have adoring fans who are actively engaged with every facet of their idols’ lives. However, that love and admiration can cause some fans to go off the deep end lose their sense of reality. Here are 9 celebs who had to deal with psycho fans.


J. Cole

A crazed fan threatened to murder his sister on Twitter if J. Cole didn’t retweet him, but later claimed it was all a joke.


Selena Gomez

A man with a sick obsession with Selena killed his mother, sister and two nieces. The psycho posted a series of deranged Facebook postings about Selena and claimed she was his girlfriend. Police speculated his obsession with her may have played a role in the killings.

Rihanna steps out in an elegant outfit at NYC Nightclub with yet another new hairstyle


Rihanna was granted a restraining order by a man who trespassed on her property and claimed to be her “future husband.”


Kelly Osbourne

Kelly put a female fan on blast on Twitter for sending freaky drawings of her engaged in sex acts with her father Ozzy Osbourne.

Tasha Marbury enters as the newest cast member of 'Basketball Wives' Season 5

Tasha And Stephon Marbury

Tasha filed a police report against a thirsty female fan who claimed Stephon chopped her down.

39th Annual People's Choice Awards

Taylor Swift

Taylor recently had to get a restraining order against a man who claimed she was his wife and threatened to kill anyone who got between them.

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

Jodie Foster

Back in the day, stalker John Hinckley Jr. became obsessed with Jodie after watching her in “Taxi.” He constantly sent her poems and phoned her.


Justin Bieber

An obsessed fan accused Justin Bieber of being the father of her child. That claim led to a phony paternity suit that was thrown out once “Bizzle” was proven not to be the father. Recently, a woman broke into his Atlanta mansion claiming she was there to help him celebrate his birthday. Creepy.

Tamar Braxton stops by WDAS Performance Theater in Bala Cynwyd for a guest radio appearance. Tamar was on hand to discuss her new album, "Love and War" which will be released on September 3.


After fans came for Towanda, Tamar checked them on Twitter and said she would block anyone who threatened her family.


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