Vick’s Dogfighting Home in VA Most Famous Address

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Michael Vick House

Today is the day for Michael Vick to be sentenced for dogfighting will be. But the address where the Bad Newz Kennel took place is creating a little buzz as well:

Where once there was much yelling, drinking and gambling, and the sight and smell of blood as dog flesh was viciously ripped apart, now is mostly eerie silence. Except, that is, for some quiet chatter among gawkers, potential buyers and profiteers. It is advertised as “The Michael Vick House,” even though the suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback never lived here.

“Mr. (Wilbur) Todd (Jr.) bought it to make a profit, simple as that. There’s only going to be one 1915 Moonlight Road, Michael Vick house in Surry County ever,” says auctioneer Kyle Thomas Hause Jr., who hypes it as “the most famous address in America.”

“What’s interesting about this property,” he informs me, “is that it has a lot of, ‘I want to see where it all happened.’ Many people left with a different set of questions. I think many of them found some peace.””No way he knew the consequences — no way,” he says. “But him doing what he did is no more right than (the government) charging him (almost) $1 million to keep them damn (surviving) dogs alive. I mean, c’mon, where are the freakin’ dogs staying, the Hilton?”

Michael Vick House2Michael Vick House3Michael Vick House 4


Update: Michael Vick will do 23 months in prison.


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