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Shi Shi

Ashanti’s little sister Shi Shi was pictured recently wearing an extremely short shirt dress. Damn, that’s a thickums right there. Ashanti needs to help her little sister step her master cleanse/workout game up. That or tell her ass to cover those legs up.

Not a Dress




  • Prince Donte

    Little sister bigger than the big sister

  • Sweetniz

    Waay too short…that’s what Lola Luvs thighs should look like (if her butt was real!)

    NE-way, not a good look, ma!

  • Bunifa

    She about to gradute HO-ology 1on1 and got the gull to look so nasty … big jelly belly and nasty looking thighs I just lost my b/fast~she look like RASPUSHA’ daughter from NORBIT

  • British Black girl

    Pretty girl…but that look does not compliment her at all….you shoule know what works for your body….

  • JerseyBred

    Not good look.

  • karma

    I didn’t know Ashanti’s Sister was a stripper.

    & where is her mother @ she is usually picture everywhere with the girls..

  • Kerry

    OMG! Can she stop playin, and go put some pants/leggings on with that daYUM shirt… For real! Lol…

  • jay

    She needs to ask her sis for a stair-master for christmas.

  • div

    Oh my god Nooo!

  • letsjusteatcheese

    how old is this girl! she looks a mess!

    hahaha @ thickums…

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Nasty, just nasty!! Where are her pants?

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Ashanti’s lil sis. *sigh*…The real issue here is NOT her being thick, where I’m from thick gyrls are the shyt and most men would prefer a thicky-thick chick. If you a size 2 or 4 you better be like 5’2 or 5’3 around these parts lol…

    The real issue is….

    Why does Shia think that coochie-cutter dress looks hot in the 1st place…and yes babygyrl does have cellulite. I mean its undeniable…excuse me if I’m wrong but I thought you were supposed to wear something flattering to your body and that shows off your fabulous features. CELLULITE IS NOT FLATTERING….on anyone!!! And its not just a dimple or two either…

    She needs not put that dress on without tights or skinny-jeans…I don’t care if she gets rid of her lady-lumps too the dress by itself looks trashy and besides she is too young to be flossin that grown-ass look.

  • J. Jones

    I bet she beeps when she backs up…

  • Bahama Mama

    Oh MY!

    well we now know that there is a female ompa lompa.

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