Nick Responds to Allegations That He Is a Broke Ass

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Nick Carey mentioned Bossip on his blog yesterday concerning our allegations that he couldn’t even afford to pay for his wife’s ring, which was allegedly $500,000:

I guess yesterday was “Hate Nick Cannon Day”! Hahaha! The Blogosphere had my name ringing all over the Google alerts. That is why I am so thankful to have my own site and blog so I can give y’all the real. If it wasn’t the madness about my emails to people, or more pregnancy rumors, it was this craziness on the oh so credible, BOSSIP about me being broke and being sued by my jeweler! Ridiculous! I just got like 3 new major multi million dollar deals in the last 2 months. And I ain’t even finish yet… But now I’m broke, okay! Where do these people get this stuff. First off, I wish my wife’s ring did only cost $500,000 that would have been a deal!… Do your research and you will see how much I really paid for it. I don’t like to disclose or brag about those things because it’s not really anyone’s business but it was quite public what I PAID. Mostly because when my wife and I first got married people were lying and saying the ring was used or that I re-gifted it!LMFAO. So after we cleared that up, almost a year later they come with some more ring drama. Well since my anniversary is coming up I think I might just have to by a whole new joint for my beautiful wife, just to STUNT! And as for the payment plan thing, I wish that was true or possible!! Sh*t, it’s a recession, I would take a lay-away plan in a minute! Hahhaahaa!!

But one thing that is true, I would spend every last dime that I have ever made on my wife, she deserves to be showered with extraordinary gifts and as long as I live I will spend all my money on her and never touch a dime of hers.

(Also I heard this was on page 6, if anyone saw it can you send me the link) Thanks!

Awww, Nick. Did we perchance hit a nerve? How ’bout this: Fall back and sit your gigolo ass down somewhere.


  • me (the original)


  • me (the original)

    Oh and…


  • Just as I see it...

    He has the dorkiest smile….eww!

  • trini guyl

    who cares????!!!!

  • sim1

    Hes so corny. By responding he gives validity to the claim. haha. dummy.

  • girbye

    This was an interesting and artfully done read…Nick kind of didn’t directly deny some of the allegations that have been made against him (of golddiggin), in the way he phrased his answers..he just kind of denied them in a roundabout way… hmmmmmmmmm

  • dayg715

    he is corny as hell. and so is his “wife”.

  • me (the original)

    Yeah he’s not all that good looking. I think C-Mili did him a favor by dating him.

    Mariah, although she has an amazing voice, that chick is batsh*t crazy. She probably beats him.

  • Alexyss K Tylor is My Girl


    he is corny as hell. and so is his “wife”.

  • Xtra Smedium

    Who cares? Is he really relevant?

  • wifey06

    nick we are suppose to vbroke for you to even require a response. who cares about broke poeple except the broke poeple!!!

  • Just Listening

    Any man who is married knows it takes more than gifts to build a marriage. Hopefully he was using hyperbole, hopefully…

  • cmoore

    ewwwwww…he is so lame, it makes me sick to my stomache.

  • shesofine

    I can’t stand him. He’s on my list of people that I hate like I know them!!


    Oh he’s supposed to let folks make sh*t up about him and not respond, when he has the means to? they don’t start none, won’t be none. pffft.

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