Double Trouble: Twin Sisters Share Boyfriend And Shell Out $216K In Plastic Surgery To Look Exactly Alike!

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These twins share everything!

Twin Sisters Have Sex With The Same Boyfriend

Via Rolling Out reports:

Twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 28, of Perth, Western Australia, do everything together including eating, cosmetic surgery and sleeping together according to Daily Mail. Adding a new spin to ménage à trois, they’ve taken sleeping together to a whole other level. The pair have the same boyfriend. They’ve been dating Ben Byrne, an electrical engineer, for a year.

The sisters, who live at home with their mom, have spent $200,000 on plastic surgery so they can look identical. They share the same job, but actually work different shifts, serving meals to the elderly. That’s how they’re able to finance their mirror-image breast implants, lip enhancements and tattooed eyebrows.

“We’re dating one boy at the moment … There are three people in our relationship. We’re sharing,” Lucy explains to the media.

“It’s not really weird to us,” Lucy continues. “We have one boyfriend and all of us share the same bed … We have the same taste in everything, so obviously we’re going to like the same boy, too.”

“We’re all together when we have sex, and if we like the same guy, so be it.”

Obsessed with their looks, Lucy boasts they never wear the same outfit twice, “Everything has to be new.”

“When we go out, we get so many guys saying they want to marry the both of us or date the both of us,” Anna vaunts.

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