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Beyonce Jay-Z Leaving

Here are some shots of Beyonce and Jay-Z leaving their hotel and heading to the airport in Paris.

SMH at Camel still rockin a doo rag.

Beyonce Jay-Z Leaving 2Beyonce Jay-Z Leaving 3Beyonce Jay-Z Leaving 4


  • dayg715

    first!!!! i see she’s being photographed a lot more with camel. damn, rihanna got her shook like that? LMAO

  • Mahogany

    lmao @ Bey giving the finger…


  • Bones Jordan

    This ain’t news y’all. But then again, the headline is for the Stans. So……..

  • dayg715

    damn, not first!!! lol oh well….

  • saucy

    i thought doo-doo rags were old news…guess not

  • anonymous

    well, she doesn’t have anything else better to do than to hang out with camel alot more

  • anonymous

    well, jay-z is old, so it makes sense he would wear something old school…

  • I Stay SMH



    ys this news so boring?

    i feel like a game

  • I Stay SMH

    celebrity holiday scenarios…


  • Soul Cry

    Like both of their jackets and that purse.

  • Mrs

    He looks too old to be dressed like that his ugliness is spilling out of that scully and sun glasses Bey diet time again, gurl catch a tan you glowing your so pale and the shoes are a no no.


  • MarvinGaye Is Da Greatest

    Why Beyonce jeans look high water?

  • isabella

    could ya please stop with the beyonce post and give us more rihanna news. Rihanna is more interesting right now

  • Redbone fire

    Damn Beyonce skin is so light and beautiful got to love light skin women we are the best beyonce a bad redboneeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs

    Wait wait I have just noticed something her arse is completely flat- I didn’t believe the arse pads but someone explain that????? don’t say even her arse was fake tut oh dear

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