Stop. Hammertime! 82-Year-Old Grandfather Beats Home Intruder With A Hammer To Save His Family

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He wasn’t playin!

Grandfather Beats Home Intruder With A Hammer To Protect Family

A brave Detroit grandfather proved that age truly is nothing but a number when it comes to protecting your family after he beat a home intruder over the head with a hammer following a break in.

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Don’t mess with grandpa.

An 82-year-old Detroit man fought off a home invader, bashing the would-be thief in the head with a hammer.

“I asked him to leave,” George Bradford told WJBK. But when the man didn’t leave, “that’s when I let him have it.”

The intruder didn’t fall, but he wobbled. “He asked me not to kill him,” Bradford says.

Bradford says he wasn’t just protecting his home, which he’s owned since 1968. He was protecting his elderly mother, daughter and granddaughter, all of whom share the home with him.

“I was just glad that he did it because me and everyone else in the house was safe,” 12-year-old granddaughter Shelby Bradford told WXYZ in Detroit.

Bradford says other would-be intruders better not get any ideas, because the hammer isn’t the only weapon he has in the house.

“I don’t want to kill anybody. But… if I have to, that’s what I’ll do,” he told WJBK.

Kudos to him for doing whatever it took to protect his family. Clap for em.

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