When The Checks Stop Coming In: Gary Coleman

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Gary Coleman Saturn for Sale

Gary Coleman is the official poster child for When the Checks Stop Coming In. Here he is in his little green crocs selling his Saturn and autographed pictures on ebay.

Guess he didn’t make enough selling that autographed Game Cube last month. Poor thang.

Gary Coleman Saturn for Sale 3Gary Coleman Pictures for SaleGary Coleman Pictures for Sale 2

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  • Narcotics Anonymous

    damn gary damn

  • Bryant's Gyrl

    I’m first yes…………..

  • Bronx Brawler

    When you’re getting money be nice cuz once you fall off it’s a far drop to the bottom lol.

  • Bryant's Gyrl

    Damn I guess I’m not

  • lipglazz

    damn shame!

  • Bronx Brawler

    Better luck next time Bryant’s Gyrl lol

  • J

    Imma start a tax deductible Gary Coleman relief fund…And a prayer circle, lol

  • It'sREALLYme

    LOL!! Are people BIDDING on this stuff?? How much has he been making off of it? -Just Curious.

  • Sun Goddess

    He still looks like he got into a fight where someone beat him with a bag of frosted flakes. Ashy. Get him some cocoa butter, please. Poor thang.

  • It'sREALLYme

    J, I will join the prayer circle, and will start off the donations, at Tree-fitty.


    Why does he look like he has to pee?

  • I am A 80's Baby

    I am crying right now. LMBAO This dude is wearing green crocks and a premature jean outfit. OooWhee! He selling his saturn and stuff, poor thing got to settle for a bus pass now. SMH

  • t

    I agree with you guys that stars tend to spend money on stupid things not realizing that they can be fired from a gig or lose a job, etc..but he’s trying…I feel bad for him, then I don;t because all of us, stars or not, should be saving and investing our money in things so that no matter is we fall off or not, we will still have some money to keep making more money..money grows when you save!

  • hey

    i don’t ever think it’s funny when someone goes broke, but to stay ashy like this? come on Gary, just head to the dollar store and get yourself some lotion. it’ll make you feel better boo.

  • I am A 80's Baby

    I think Jay and Beyonce the “Royal Black Couple” should help this brother out this would be the FIRST time either one of them has helped their own. Besides Beyonce naming a building in the projects after her. Someone in the entertainment world please step in..Willis somebody!

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