Lindsay Lohan Drops List Of Who’s Hit Her Chilli-Box And Watch All The Highlights From Lindsay Lohan’s Own Network Reality Series First Episode & Preview Of Episode 2 [Video]

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Yes yall… Lindsay did an interview with In Touch magazine and told on all the dudes who went up in dat… Among the culprits you can make out above are Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake, and Joaquin Phoenix.

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We can’t make sense of this melee… maybe you can!

While looking for an apartment in New York, Lindsay Lohan stays at a hotel with little privacy from the prying paparazzi who wait just outside. Find out how one of the world’s most sought-after actresses handles living under intense scrutiny and deals with tabloid photographers—who aren’t shy about showing off what they’ve earned by selling Lindsay’s pictures.

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Lindsay Lohan’s mother, Dina Lohan, says that when her daughter decided to move from Los Angeles to New York, it was one of the happiest days of her life. During a visit home, Lindsay goes through storage boxes and finds a journal from one of her stints in rehab. Watch as she reads an entry aloud and opens up about her bond with her brother Cody.

To help Lindsay Lohan transition out of treatment, Michael Cormier, a senior counselor at Cliffside Malibu rehabilitation center, has been by her side as a sober companion. With paparazzi waiting outside her hotel, Lindsay knows she and Michael can’t get to their AA meeting without being followed, and they are stuck in the hotel room all day. Watch to find out why Lindsay says she feels like a prisoner “all the time.”

After looking at 10 apartments in New York, Lindsay Lohan has found one she likes and is ready to move out of her hotel. However, when her broker is unable to produce the lease for her to sign, Lindsay vents about her trust issues: “When someone promises me something and they break that promise, I lose all trust in them. Because that happened when I was a kid with my dad, on and off.” Find out why she desperately wants a place to call home.

Since 2007, Lindsay Lohan has had two DUI convictions, a handful of probation violations and six stays in rehab. Now, the starlet says she has one last shot at doing what she loves to do. Watch as she explains why there’s “nothing left” in drinking and partying for her anymore and reveals what kind of life she wants for herself now.

While trying to manage her sobriety in a chaotic setting, Lindsay fights to move into her new apartment. Plus, she has a heated conversation with her dad and struggles with her mom’s DUI as the producers start to question her commitment to the series.

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