Too Far! 9 Times Beyonce Got Called A Ho…Or Worse!

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Worst Insults For Beyonce

Beyonce isn’t new to slander. She's a world class shade-thrower but she's also had to deal with her own negativity. As she's shown off her body, she's been called everything from a ho to an insecure slore. Is it fair? Or is she just getting shamed for liking her body? You tell you look at the times she got called a ho [and a couple of instances of her getting even WORSE slander than that. ]
Cam'ron Cam'Ron - Back when he was beefing with Jay-Z, he made allusions to chopping down Bey and people thinking she was a little fast.
bill o'reilly Bill O'Reilly - He just said he thought Bey was to much of a floozy for her kid fans.
whore-beyonce-smh-newspaper British Newspaper - Though they were quoting angry fans, they knew what they were doing with that headline.
Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson - She said she didn't need to do all that flaunting her body like Bey, which was some passive aggressive shade.
Diane von Furstenberg's 'Journey Of A Dress' 40th Anniversary Party Garcelle Beauvais - She also thought Beyonce was taking her body image too far...but she eventually backed down from the comment.
super-bowl-2013-beyonce-diamond-sign-650-430 Super Bowl Parents - The FCC fielded thousands of complaints from parents who called Bey a "slore" and "prostitute" based on her Super Bowl performance last year.
Chaka-Khan-calling-beyonce-a-bitch-2 Chaka Khan - She was accused of throwing epic shade at Bey when someone compared the two and she allegedly even threw out the not-so-nice B-word. But she denied it.
Beyonce and Etta James Etta James - She didn't call B a ho but she definitely said she was going to "whoop" her for "stealing" "At Last."
Puff Daddy performs and Lil Wayne makes an appearance at Memorial Day Weekend at Rehab Lil Wayne - He rapped that he'd kidnap Beyonce...which is probably worse than calling her any sort of slore, we think.

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