White GOP Candidate Says Slave Owners Took “Pretty Good Care” Of Their Slaves & Only Beat Them Occasionally

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White GOP Candidate Says Most Slave Owners Didn’t Beat Or Starve Slaves

A GOP congressional hopeful recently put his foot in his mouth when he attempted to explain his problem with government assistance programs by comparing them to slavery.

Republican Jim Brown posted this message on his Facebook page to explain why he feels that programs like welfare, medicaid and unemployment insurance foster the same type of mindset in its’ recipients that slave owners used to keep slaves fed and working but not educated or progressive:


Needless to say, Browns’ referencing of slavery didn’t go over too well, not to mention the fact that he seemed to all but compliment slave owners for “taking pretty good care” of their slaves, as if to justify the practice of slavery period. Of course, he later posted an “apology” to anyone who was offended.


SMH. How many times will these GOP goons show their true colors and then think that they can just apologize and we’ll forget????

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