Never Say Never: All The Times Rihanna Shaded Drake Before They Finally Got Boo’d Up

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Rihanna Drake London feat

Drake’s Attempts To Get Rihanna

Drake and Rihanna are a couple now, in case you didn’t know. And it’s about damn time. Drake has been trying to be Rihanna’s main boo for the last five years and it’s finally worked. But it wasn’t without its trials and tribulations. Here are all the times Drake tried to get Rihanna and failed…before she finally caved in.

rihanna drake

Lucky Strike – This is where it all started. They linked up at the bowling alley and had a one night stand…and nothing was the same.

drake rihanna

Take Two – A few months later, they were spotted at a movie premiere party and it seemed like the real deal.

"Drake Thank Me Later Cover Art"

Fireworks – Drake was so enamored with Rih Rih that he took his love public, putting the whole situation on blast. That didn’t help.

Drake Album Thank Me Later

Crybaby Drake – Drizzy then took his sadness to the NY Times saying that she showed him a good time and disappeared…poor baby.

drake rih

This Picture – Buddy really is in love.


What’s My Name? – They filmed the video and got all cozy together but she was with Matt Kemp. Sorry.


What’s My Name Pt. 2 – They performed the song at the Grammys and things seemed to get intense. Drake was really campaigning for that a$$ for the world to see.


Take Care – They filmed another video together and Drake was trying…again.


The Fight – We all know about this: Drake and Breezy so loved Rihanna that they had a light-skinned civil war over her.


Home Wrecking – There was a rumor that Breezy and Rihanna – once they got back together – had a big fight and it was over her keeping in contact with Drake.

Rihanna Drake London feat

Overseas Chop Downs – For the last few months, Drake has been all over Rihanna, putting the moves on her to make it a real thing. Welp. Finally, persistence has paid off. Rumble young man, rumble.


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