Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Woman Leaves Her Kids Alone In Feces-Covered And Insect-Infested House

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house covered in feces

Some women don’t deserve to have ovaries.

Mother Leaves Kids In House Covered In Feces And Infested With Insects

Child protected services needs to take their kids away and never give them back.

According to WFXG:

Two kids were found alone in a Richmond County house Thursday with no heat or supervision and very little food. Deputies say the home is insect-infested with piles of dirt and trash everywhere. The kids told officers they haven’t seen their mother in days.

“I was very concerned about the well being of the kids. I noticed that when I have been coming over to her house, they’re playing in the streets,” said Vanessa Schubert, the suspect’s sister.

Vanessa Schubert said she called the sheriff’s office on her sister. She said her sister has a drug abuse problem and she leaves her seven kids home alone all the time. With the youngest being only three months old, something had to be done.

“She’d be at her boyfriend’s house, leaving kids watching kids and sometimes I’d be worried about them not having anything to eat,” Vanessa Schubert told WFXG.

According to the incident report, deputies found piles of dirt, hair, dog feces, and clothes everywhere and the only food in the home was three slices of ham, mayonnaise and a bag of sugar.

Her sister, Bethany Marie Schubert, was arrested and charged with four counts of deprivation of a minor.

Those poor babies!


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