Jailbait: 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Feel Bad For Chris Brown

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10 Reasons Not To Feel Bad For Chris Brown

Chris Brown's life is probably as low as it's ever been. He's in jail for a month and Rihanna is getting her back blown by his mortal enemy, Drake. While you may be inclined to feel bad for him, here are 10 reasons you shouldn't shed a tear for Chris Brown.
rihanna-chris-brown221 He probably should have gone to jail when he beat up Rihanna - That was definitely a felony assault, so he's probably overdue.
rihanna and chris brown He still called Rihanna a ho afterwards - Probably not fair to call the woman you beat up a ho...not the best move.
Chris Brown shows his Funny Side at Holiday Toy Drive He's Still Rich - Can't feel too bad for a guy who'll still be rich as hell when he gets out of jail.
RihannaDrake4 It's His Fault Drake Is With Rihanna - Rihanna wanted to get back with him through it all...but he couldn't commit, so she's moved on to the next Ritz-colored lover.
twitter karrueche tran 240412 He Wasn't Great To Karrueche Either - Buddy just probably is better off single because he dragged her around like a rag doll too.
chris-brown-copy1 He Couldn't Stay In Rehab - If your judge orders you to go to rehab and you can't stick around, then you sort of have to go to jail.
chris-brown-teeth He's Still Getting Into Fights - He fought Drake. He fought some guy outside of a hotel. He needs to chill somewhere.
Young20Chris20Brown He Disrespected His Mother! - He threw a rock through his mother's car in a fit of anger. And she's been riding with him from jump.
Chris Brown Shirtless Maybe This Will Be A Good Thing - He's only in jail for a few weeks, so maybe he can learn about his mistakes and come out of it better. Who knows?
chris brown 3 He Can Sober Up - Breezy has been looking a little...different...lately. Maybe a sober month will give him some clarity.

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