NeNe and Fee Fee at Dwight’s All Star Diva Party

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Fee Fee is making quite a name around town with his flamboyant fits. This week she took a picture with NeNe at her buddy Dwight’s All Star Diva Party, and wore her pant suit. SMH

Pop it to see more pictures of the event below


Images via FreddyO



    That ZIPPER is giving me problems!

  • MyUrbanAddiction

    LOL!! 1st
    Click my name

  • MyUrbanAddiction

    Damn you brooklyn…2nd!!

  • willy

    That is one big ugly woman! She must be a man!

  • Sickofitt!

    FEE FEE is working that suit

  • Reality Check

    How can you not clown gay folks when they step out looking like this? Are you freaking kidding me? Gay people, have some dignity. If you are a gay man, dress as a man and date your man. Stop the cross dressing madness. You will look like a freak and be the laughing stock of the neighborhood EVERYTIME.

  • Re...Gambit Luva-Luva...™

    Dwight, that button on your jacket is hanging on for dear life.

    And goodness, why can’t you be gay and dress normal. He’s wearing a womans suit, yet demands us to respect him.

    *in my best GOB from Arrested Development voice* “COME ON!”

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    Ummmm, well, ummm…. NO WORDS!

  • This I Know

    Is he wearing heels too? He gives a bad name to normal looking gay people. If he wants to be a woman, why not go all the way and get “it” chopped off already. SMH!

  • Ms_NYC



    FROM A



  • Invisible

    Honey Fee fee is wearing that pant suit. Looking like a gay black jackie kennedy. Nene looking like a linebacker. Nothing wrong with eating but she should cover them arms until she loses a few lbs. Sorry nene.


    Will the homos please vacate the building!!!!

  • pm

    note to self,if taking a road trip drive straight through atl with no stops.

  • MJ

    This guy is too much for me, lol!!!

  • Lynn

    That is the ugliest gay man i have ever seen!

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