President Obama Does “The Tonight Show”

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Barack and Jay Leno

In the wake of the biggest ‘first’ our nation has ever seen, our president, Barack Obama, has done it again by being the first active president to appear on “The Tonight Show.”   He sat down and rapped a taste with Jay Leno about the ins and outs of being the president.  Pop it to peep the video.

He’s a funny fella.  A few more pics below.

Barack and JayBarack and JayBarack and Jay Leno




  • bg™


  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    I love you President Obama!


    wow i was 1st!!

  • natalia


  • whateva!!!

    It was a great interview, but I knew the minute he made the Special Olympics joke all hell would break loose today. There is so much controversy on sites like HuffPo, ABC, CNN, and TMZ is even trying to stir up shit.

  • Ermy Erm is Disillusioned with Society

    i liked his interview. he was funny and debonair

  • nuqueens23

    I love my President : )

  • http://comcast scott fresh

    He on some real bullshit… I hope that he lives up to his promises…

  • http://comcast 100

    I think that we may have made a mistake electing Obama… He seems to be all about the wrong things!!!

  • Jessica

    @ Fred

    Lol… you crack me up. :-)


    any of you complaining about the President being on “the tonight show” need to get your heads examined. he’s only been president for 2 months. if you expected to see a change in that little bit of time, then you need to seriously be committed.

  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    BTW the First Lady made an appearance at Anacostia High School yesterday…Let’s go INDIANS!! Red & Blue Baby…

  • Shia


    Yeah, I saw that one coming to. Regardless, he did well (as usual) and was able to effecively communicate his plans for Ameica’s future.

  • Re...Gambit Mutha-Luva...™

    Maaaaan, I never knew there’d be a day when I seriously loved my President. I can’t wait to see how his planning takes shape in the next couple of months.

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