Eddy Curry Wins Custody of Son

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Eddie Curry

Eddie Curry just won custody of his son, who survived the scene that left his mother and sister dead:

About seven hours after a judge’s order, Yolan Henry turned over her grandson to be with his father, NBA player and former Thornwood High School standout Eddy Curry. Noah Henry-Curry was turned over about 10:15 p.m. Thursday, authorities said. Curry took custody of his son at 11:30 p.m., sheriff’s officials said. “Today, in compliance with a court order, I turned over my beloved grandson, Noah Curry, to attorneys of Eddy Curry,” said Henry said in a statement released by her family. “Losing my grandson is the latest tragedy for our family. … Noah clings to me every moment of the day and cries when I am not in his sight. I pray that God gives him the strength to cope with this separation from his family.” At the same time, Henry said she plans to appeal Cook County Judge Fe Fernandez’s order giving Curry custody. At an afternoon court hearing, Henry did not produce 3-year-old Noah Henry-Curry in court, as previously ordered.

As a result, Fernandez said she was forced to go “against my heart” and ordered the sheriff’s police to find the boy and deliver him to Curry. On Jan. 24, police had found Noah Henry-Curry in the room where his mother, Nova Henry, 24, and 10-month-old sister Ava were fatally shot. Nova Henry’s former attorney and ex-boyfriend, Fredrick Goings, 36, of Chicago, has been charged with their murders and is being held without bond.

It seems that the only reason the family is fighting for custody is to keep those “easy-street” checks rolling in for support. The boy and family has been through a lot this year and deserve some time to get themselves together.



  • ImWhatItIs

    first opinions are the only opinions that count. but i don’t have 1……… well yet!!!


    this is sad ,especially if he wasnt in the little boys life and he doesnt really “know”who he is ,i just hope and pray that eddie and his wife will let the lil boy have regular visitation with his grandmother so he will have some part of his maternal family to remind him of who his mom and sister were and keep her memory alive .

  • lookback@me

    maybe the family wants 2 hold on to the child because he is all they have left from their daughters children….they already lost 1 grandchild and a daughter…i wouldn’t let go of my remaining grandchild either

  • ww

    its his child, people. your grandchild is not your child, thats just fact.

  • B-More Babe by way of Illadephia

    I hope it’s not all about the checks and more so of the fact that this grandmother is mouring such a great loss and now reliving it all over again by losing the one legacy her child left behind. May God Bless both of these families and be continue to be a protector of this little boy.

  • Kim

    I think there should have been some transition period before he was handed over. It takes time for a baby to get use to a person.. If Curry wasn’t a regular figure in the child life, it will be hard on the child..I think the grandmother wanted to keep him because that the last piece of her daughter.

  • black man

    eddy curry is a goodman.atleast he fight for his son i coourt! Good black role model! TO BLACK MEN DO THE SAME TAKE OF YOU CHILDREN

  • TheGoodGood

    Hopefully he doesn’t mess up his kid.. see his mom had the babies around some messed up man.. hopefully he raises the kid properly and not around groupies and on the road all the time..

    he’ll need to grow up, he should have had custody in the first place…

  • http://yahoo Myshel

    Eddie Curry..wife pray for his wife because not only did he have one child by this woman but the second child was his too…..How does these women share men with so many other women? You have to have SELF WORTH!!!

  • http://yahoo Myshel

    Eddie Curry does not deserved to have full custody of his son…he was not active in the child life prior…the only reasons why he fought for the child was to halt child support!

  • SCatty

    If he wasnt active before, maybe that tragic event made him want to be active. Good lord people. That is HIS child. Raising a child is a lot more expensive than paying the child support. Anyone with a child knows that. The grandmother was doing what she thought was best, but every child deserves to know thier biological parents. There is no such thing as grandparental rights in this country only PARENTAL rights. I am shocked that people would hate on this man for trying to get his own damn child when Leroy on the corner wont even pay child support. The child is 3, not 15. He will learn to love and accept his father’s family even though they are strangers right now.

  • KJ

    Now if his daddy didn’t want him, then everyone would crusify the dad….This man wants his son, so give him a chance to be a man in his life.

    Why can’t the grandma settle for every other weekend and 2 months of the summer and split holiday???? I think Granny may miss her daughter and grand daughter, but Granny also wants that FAT CHECK!

  • barb

    maybe i havent really been paying close enough attention to this story…
    but im not quite understanding why he had to “win” custody of his own damn son.

  • The Foosa

    Good for him. No willing and able man should have to fight for the custody of his child from a gandparent.

    If this lady decides to pursue this matter in court again, she’ll be lucky if he ever lets her see her grandson again.

  • sher

    I think your comment is out of order. I am sure that the grandmother loves her grandson. Men always think everything is about money… so they try to put their obsession with money on everybody else.

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