Eddy Curry Wins Custody of Son

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Eddie Curry

Eddie Curry just won custody of his son, who survived the scene that left his mother and sister dead:

About seven hours after a judge’s order, Yolan Henry turned over her grandson to be with his father, NBA player and former Thornwood High School standout Eddy Curry. Noah Henry-Curry was turned over about 10:15 p.m. Thursday, authorities said. Curry took custody of his son at 11:30 p.m., sheriff’s officials said. “Today, in compliance with a court order, I turned over my beloved grandson, Noah Curry, to attorneys of Eddy Curry,” said Henry said in a statement released by her family. “Losing my grandson is the latest tragedy for our family. … Noah clings to me every moment of the day and cries when I am not in his sight. I pray that God gives him the strength to cope with this separation from his family.” At the same time, Henry said she plans to appeal Cook County Judge Fe Fernandez’s order giving Curry custody. At an afternoon court hearing, Henry did not produce 3-year-old Noah Henry-Curry in court, as previously ordered.

As a result, Fernandez said she was forced to go “against my heart” and ordered the sheriff’s police to find the boy and deliver him to Curry. On Jan. 24, police had found Noah Henry-Curry in the room where his mother, Nova Henry, 24, and 10-month-old sister Ava were fatally shot. Nova Henry’s former attorney and ex-boyfriend, Fredrick Goings, 36, of Chicago, has been charged with their murders and is being held without bond.

It seems that the only reason the family is fighting for custody is to keep those “easy-street” checks rolling in for support. The boy and family has been through a lot this year and deserve some time to get themselves together.



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