Swirl Problems: Knocked Up Kendra Wilkinson Says Pregnancy Has Her Super Turned On, But Hubby Hank Won’t Chop Her Gassy Azz Down!

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Ewwwww…. That’s definitely TMI!

Kendra Wilkinson Talks Pregnancy Sex And Raising A Superhero Daughter

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett doesn’t hold back and that’s one of the things that has made her so popular, but in her new mommy blog for People.com she’s really spilling the beans on her and Hank’s bedroom behavior during her pregnancy:

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be the newest PEOPLE.com mommy blogger. I love being a mother, and Hank and I are so excited to welcome a little girl to the Baskett family.

I’m in my third trimester and am feeling every little bit of it — I’m round, tired, grouchy, smelly and horny! There are so many things about this pregnancy and I’ve tried to capture them, and how I’m coping with everything, in today’s post.

In the beginning, my emotions were high — no surprise there, right? And, like most pregnant women, various moments and emotions from childhood have randomly popped up, especially now since the due date is quickly approaching. Luckily for me though, my childhood was amazing and helped to mold me into the strong, independent, confident woman that I am today.

While I didn’t have a father around, I did have — and what I want my children to both experience — the ability to explore, experiment and enjoy life as a kid.

Now here comes the kinky stuff:

BUT the sex is lacking this pregnancy. Newsflash — I’m a very sexual creature. I love my man and sex, but sometimes I feel Hank is not attracted to me.

A big emotional tornado swirls in my head, BUT then he tells me that I complain about this pain or that pain every five minutes, (especially since the baby is sitting really low and I feel like she’s breaking and crushing things down there) so why would he want to touch me?!

And when I cough, I either fart, pee or cramp. Okay, okay. He’s got me there and it makes perfect sense.

All that said, I still catch him staring at me or taking pics and telling me how beautiful I am pregnant or not … so sweet.

By nature, I love to be comfortable. So when I’m not on a red carpet, on a date with Hank or at a night out with friends, I’m wearing one of Hank’s shirts and a pair of sweats.

When I do go out though, I make sure I embrace the bump and don’t shy away from my personal style. I want to show the bump, and not just look like I’ve disguised it with a sparkly, fabric tent.

Being able to wear form-fitting outfits with color helps with my bump and helps to promote the pregnancy glow.

The one new thing I discovered about myself is that I hate my boobs. They’re annoying. They’re in my way. They’re bigger. I am seriously contemplating taking them down a size after pregnancy!

Yikes… Kendra is really going there. For the ladies who have kids, do you have any suggestions for Kendra to deal with that flatulence issue???

One thing we did really like about Kendra’s blog is that she talked about raising her daughter as a “superhero” and not a “princess” Hit the flip for details on that.


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