Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Obese Florida Woman Arrested After Leaving 5 Children With Rotting Teeth To Live In Unimaginable Squalor! [Photos]

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Yolander Lasane

Hope you aren’t eating

Florida Mother Arrested For Her Children’s Deplorable Living Conditions

Via OrlandoSentinel

Authorities described the scene as “horrific” — a foul-smelling home filled with ankle-deep garbage and animal waste where five children lived with their mother.

The scene was so bad that one of the children asked Orlando police and a child-protection worker to take him to a foster home and said he wanted a new family. The boy had broken, rotting teeth and said he could not chew without pain.

All of the children were “unkempt” and obviously had not bathed recently, officers wrote. They ate cold food out of cans and were “parenting themselves,” according to the report.

“The severe medical and overall neglect was horrendous,” officers wrote.

The children were removed from the Orlando home and their mother, Yolander Lasane, was arrested Tuesday after child-protection workers contacted police.

The garbage, which had to be shoveled out before workers could go inside, filled a large city trash can, according to an arrest report.

“It was evident that no part of this residence had been properly cleaned or maintained in years,” officers wrote in the report.

Lasane, 45, was being held Wednesday at the Orange County Jail on five counts of child neglect causing great bodily harm. Her children are 5, 9, 12, 15 and 17. Another child is grown and lives elsewhere.

Just reading the list of things that police found in this house is enough to make your stomach turn…

On Monday, police and investigators from the Florida Department of Children and Families found animal feces all over the floor, doors and walls. There was black mold, rotting food, filth and garbage in the kitchen and an insect-filled bathroom with a broken toilet, sink and tub, the report states.

The front doorknob was hanging down and couldn’t be locked.

Animal-control workers removed pets that had been neglected and were suffering, the report shows.

In three of the children’s bedrooms, the floors were strewn with dirty clothes and trash, the lights and air conditioning did not work and the mattresses were “crawling with various bugs,” according to the report.

They need sit this filthy broad down for a LONG time behind this isht!

Flip the page to see more pics of how this lady had her children living.

Images via Orlando Police Dept/Facebook

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