Bloomberg TV Examines Jay Z’s Impact As A Sports Agent

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Call him “Ari Hov?” When news that Jay Z was entering the sports agent business, skeptics questioned if the savvy businessman would have what it takes to flourish in that industry. According to a video profile from Bloomberg TV, it appears that the Brooklyn rapper has the respect of his sporting agent peers. Titled “The Jay Z Effect: How Good A Sports Agent Is He?,” the segment opens up marking the date, April 2 2013, that Jay Z established his Roc Nation Sports agency. Talking with several industry insiders, Bloomberg TV reveals that Hov is a threat to the game in more ways than one.

“I thought at the minute he entered the business that Jay Z would be a formidable presence in the agent industry, He is a draw,” said Andrew Brandt, former agent and NFL executive. “And I’ve heard from the agent community that they’re worried…”




Former NBA Coach of the Year and current ESPN analyst George Karl said Gucci Mane was his favorite rapper, ahead of The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac and Jay Z. This really happened.It all went down ESPN’s NBA Tonight. Even funnier than this fascinating revelation may be the Instagram clip (see below) that captured Karl making his pic. Just wait on the commentary at the end. Also, Karl now refers to himself as Swaggy G (click the link to see the vid). We couldn’t make this up if we tried…



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This love triangle, or whatever is going on between Nelly, his long-time love and ex Ashanti, and recent boo Tae Heckard, is getting quite interesting. We told you that at Ashanti’s album release party for her album Braveheart in March, Nelly Facetimed her to congratulate her on her success, and in response, she sent back kisses through the phone, doing so gleefully in front of cameras. And even before then, there were rumors that the two were back on. The New York Post said sources spotted them canoodling while partying with Diddy and Rick Ross, and she addressed their relationship in the coy way that she does, in interviews. When asked if she felt a way about Nelly previously dating Heckard right after their split, she told The Breakfast Club that she didn’t think he was serious about that relationship…


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