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Kim Porter and Quincy Brown

Kim Porter, those spectacular pearly whites, and her oldest offspring, Quincy, attended a UNICEF event out in Cali.  Kim looks young enough to be that fella’s high school friend.  Damn.

More pics on the flippy.

Kim and QuincyKim Porterquincy

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  • dre

    1st and f*ck glokynnnn

  • ChinyereCouture


  • ChinyereCouture

    haha i don’t really have any comments, i’m just an opportunist.

  • dre

    sorry chinyere, btw i like ur name, igbo chic. LOL

  • ChinyereCouture

    oh. 2nd, SILVERRR & BRONZE

  • ChinyereCouture

    haha thankss. 1st generation naija!

  • dre

    LOL @ chinyere

  • MJ

    Lil Al B

  • Green M&M

    Looking Good!

  • Lee

    She’s pretty

  • Butterscotch

    Wow! He looks just like his daddy.

  • TheGoodGood

    Why is this little nucca at an event?? Doesn’t he have homework, shouldn’t he bein college prep..?

  • tj

    Her eyebrows say she will kick your behind! Yet somehow she stays beautiful and classy.

  • Yo!

    Glad he got those brows cleaned up, looking just like his daddy.

  • sasha

    Kim mite be diddy jumpoff, but she is one BEAUTIFUL woman!!! wow!

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