Why So Mad? A Gallery Of People Who Had Angry Outbursts

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Take-5-Coachella-Kanye-West-more-BL19U8UI-x-large Being a celebrity can be hard with people criticizing your every move and making slick remarks. Some celebs handle the everyday pressures of the limelight well, while some go batisht crazy when things get too hectic. Here are 14 celebs who always seem to spazz when pushed to their limit.
chris-brown-thumb Chris Brown Besides the Twitter rants and destroying his own mother's car, Chris Breezy's need to put them paws on people has caused him to go to anger management and he's even facing felony prosecution for his D.C. street brawl.
Best Buy Theater presents Keyshia Cole and Mateo in concert Keyshia Cole She recently spazzed on fans who tried to offer encouragement for her marital strife with hubby Boobie and lost her isht on Twitter again over a Ryan Cameron interview that went left.
mama joyce and todd Mama Joyce Mama Joyce wanted to put her foot in Carmen's azz and has been mean to Todd all season. She even told Kandi's producer hubby that she stopped respecting him.
Damon Dash Damon Dash A few years ago, Dame went off on a bunch of Roc-A Fella employees on video when he walked into a meeting uninvited.  Recently, he went ham on a reporter who he claimed was racist.
wale Wale Wale went off on Complex magazine writers for not including him on their "greatest rappers" list; ranted over a sports announcer's opinion that he's "no Drake" and even laid the smackdown on a Twitter troll during a WWE match. Dude needs to control his temper.
Power 105.1's Powerhouse 2013 K. Michelle Besides her epic beef with Tamar, K. Michelle goes off in her songs and is known to put fans in their place. She even called a fan a "monkey girl" after the fan complained about not getting a photo with her.
kanye west and photorapher Kanye West This guy has spazzed on so many photographers that we've lost count. Kanye may rethink putting hands on people after paying $250K to the racist heckler who harassed Kim and being ordered to go to anger management for catching fade with the paparazzi.
NickiMinaj3 Nicki Minaj Nicki went ham on a fan website for leaking her music and let's not forget her cussing out "boring azz" Mariah while on the set of American Idol last season.
justin_bieber_mugshot Justin Bieber From egging houses and cursing his neighbors out to acting an azz in depositions...Bieber needs to get it together.
Richard Sherman Richard Sherman In addition to spazzing in a post-game interview, Richard also clapped back at his haters and fellow NFL players who questioned his skills on Twitter.
Jay Electronica Jay Electronica Jay told the world why he was mad in an angry Twitter rant aimed at thugs, rappers and crooked cops.
neneleakes-marlohampton Marlo Hampton Marlo acted like she was going to open a can of whoop azz on NeNe at Cynthia's Bailey Bowl. NeNe clearly didn't want that fight.
Richie_Incognito_Bullying_Jonathan_Martin_Stop_Slandering_Me Richie Incognito As if f it wasn't enough that he bullied poor Jonathan Martin off the Miami Dolphins with a series of racist voicemails, the baller then accused Jonathan of not being truthful in an angry Twitter rant.

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