All That Woman Beating Has Taken A Toll on Breezy’s Spirit

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Tyrese talks about Chris Brown’s current emotional state:

Chris Brown may have looked comfortable on that jet ski in Miami a few weeks ago but according to sources and actor Tyrese Gibson, Brown is struggling. Speaking with PEOPLE recently, Tyrese says “Although he appears to be really strong through all of this, it’s really taking a toll on his spirit”.

Brown, since appearing in court earlier this month, is back in the studio to record the follow up to 2007s hit album “Exclusive”. With the clock ticking Brown is said to be putting in a lot of time at studios in the Los Angeles area in addition to recording in Miami.

According to Tyrese however, Brown may be having trouble recording. “It’s really hard for him to focus right now on his music, even though he really wants to,” says the former “Sweet Lady” singer. Brown is expected in court April 7.

We have no pity for this chump. He should’ve thought about that sh*t before putting his hands (and teeth) on Rihanna. Dig what headz are saying about the chances of Breezy redeeming his reputation:

They say honesty is the best policy. For Chris Brown however, honesty is going to be the only thing that can save his career in the eyes of fans and companies that may choose to partner with him in the future.

While the former “Kiss Kiss” singer has been plagued with a severe amount of both negative press and the loss of endorsement deals since February, public relation professionals believe the world will be forgiving in a few years. “It’ll take Chris longer to recover,” a source [said] recently.

“The key word in this is authenticity. It’s got to be authentic. For Chris to come out and do something against domestic violence, to go to counseling, partnering with somebody on the issue, if he does that, there has to be a lot of follow-through,” says Matt Delzell, a group account director at a firm that matches celebrity endorsers with companies like State Farm and Frito Lay.

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