Chubby Lumpkins No More: Mo’Nique Says She’s Becoming One Of Those Skinny Chicks She Used To Hate

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Comedian and actress Mo’Nique says she’ doesn’t want to be a fat diva anymore!

Mo’Nique Shares New Fitness Body And Talks About Weight Loss

Via RumorFix reports:

The comedian, who has completely changed her lifestyle, is chronicling her weight loss journey on Twitter sharing photos and inspirational messages.

On Friday, she tweeted, “Don’t wait for a wedding or class reunion for you to get your body right. You deserve that right now.”

And while posting a photo of her on an exercise bench, she wrote, “Hey loves. Push yourself. Surprise yourself … Love yourself. I love yall for real.”

At her heaviest, the Precious star weighed 300 pounds and revealed last year that she trimmed down to 218.

“I had to do it for husband and my children and get out of my own way,” she told TV One.

And Twitter keeps her accountable. “I tweet every morning,” she said. “Because I want women to see — especially us big women — that you don’t have to let them cut you and suck it out.”

Mo’s hard work and sweat has been paying off to say the least:


Hit the flip for more pics of Mo’Nique’s fitness transformation next!

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