Freaky Competition: Women Who Would Be Able To Make Flicks Just As Freaky As Mimi’s

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23rd Annual MTV Movie Awards

Women Who Would Make Great Flicks

We know you know by now, but Mimi Faust’s freaky flick preview came out yesterday and everyone is talking about it. Most importantly, people are talking about Mimi hanging from the shower rod like some super freak or something. While that's well and good, here are some women who could put out superior performances.
Nicki Minaj MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Nicki Minaj - She talks all that freaky stuff so she might as well show it off.
hard core Lil Kim (from the 90s) - It'd be nice to see what she was talking about in her day. Not so much anymore.
paulapattonpaulapattonextra5okgs2mg_ral Paula Patton - She talks about her and Robin Thicke and how they used to get it poppin'...let's see it!
Draya bikini Draya - Since she had so much to say, why don't she just give us a clip?
Coco2 copy Coco - Her and Ice T should just let those home videos loose for the savages.
Serena Williams Serena Williams - If Mimi can do those pull-ups just imagine what Serena can pull off.
Beyonce wears a bikini on Dominican Republic vacation with Blue Ivy and Jay z Beyonce - You ever seen a Serfbort in real life? Might as well let us see it.
K.MichelleQuitsLoveandHipHopMonaScottIsHerNewManagerJRSmithPurposelyHurtHer K. Michelle - There are probably some floating around. She talks a big game so what's good?
Taraji feat Taraji - She looks like she has some tricks up her sleeves, too.
ciara4 Ciara - Just look at all that. She'll put Mimi to shame...once she gets off of maternity leave.
Janet_Jackson_004 Janet Jackson - Give us "Ms. Jackson if you nasty" era Janet and we'll roll.
ifwt_mya-thick Mya - This is important.

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