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Jay-Z is further diversifying his stacks with a recent investment in a NYC real estate venture in Chelsea. Jay-Z and his partners bought the piece of development for $66 million. There is speculation the site will be turned into a high-end hotel with potential to go to 12 stories.

Game recognizes game. All the little rappers talking about rims and bling in 08′ need to pay homage to Camel and pick up some game.


  • Cam

    first hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

  • Cam

    whats this second to lolololol lo l o l o l oloo ll o l ol ol

  • Cam

    sup with ya. man jay is doin it foreal.

  • helltothanaw

    Gotta respect this man’s business hustle.. very smart and he knows what’s up..

  • BostonBitty

    he’s a grown man. why is he dreesing like a gay fly. That look aint cute Jigga, give that track jacket and kick back to Blood Diamond Russ

  • Well Well Well

    Check ya’ll facts, this dude is just a front man for the Shnays ( his bosses on the project) Ya’ll negros are so ignorant . So ezzzzzzzallly impressed by nothing. Losers. SMDH.


    He needs to have a roundtable with all the rappers and tell them how to use their celebrity to leagally flip their stacks!!!

  • Lady Architect

    Jay needs to invest some money in the place he came from…I just read an article yesterday about how the Jewish people are beginning to kick blk people out of Bedstuy, buying up all the realestate there.

  • Crap Talker...

    I agree with Lady Architect…

    Why don’t they invest in communities that are being gentrified like Harlem and Brooklyn?

  • Crap Talker...

    I agree with Lady Architect…

    Why don’t they invest in communities that are being gentrified like Harlem and Brooklyn?

  • mo'ree

    wow that is the worst picture of him ever taken…why yall like to use that one sooo much?



  • JaliliMaster

    I guess money really can’t make you pretty. This dude takes ugly to new extremes. Must be love with him and Bey, ‘cuz it sure as hell ain’t nothing else!

    And Camel, start dressing like a respectable. When you’re in the boardroom, try looking it.

  • holla

    well,well,well glad to see an informed individual,always a bunch of coons giving props to an uncle tom putting more money in the jewish pockets being used as the front man to take more of our money because “most”black people are uneducated and go for all hype.Now if it was in collabaration with other well to do blacks then he would get props but of course porch monkey camel has to wedge his foot in with the white man to do something for his pockets and we all get happy for him lke he doing something for us,its not his hotel same way the nets dont belong to him,camel worshippers do something to uplift your people jew-z,teach the kids good ,stop being a slave.

  • Bahama Mama

    Hola Hovito!!!

    CHELLO DROCK and Patent

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